When It’s So Bad, It’s Funny…Let’s Stay Positive.

From previous posts, who read them, knows, it was vacation for everyo


ne, as far as I’m concerned… even God went on vacation.
So, I really looked forward to the last day of this month.
August 31. I had a long ago scheduled appointment  with the head of hand surgery at Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. About an hour and a half each way from Harrisburg.
Frankly, I still feel Philly as home. I raised a family  in suburban Philly,  I was happy, sad, hopeful, desperate…in Philly… than I moved to Harrisburg in 2011 and the cycle repeated … or not.

Okay… so I do my best to stay positive. The American way, bright sided, as one of my favorite books states. To see the brightness in the darkness, even if it’s just wishful thinking, let’s do it. It’s all a matter of your thinking, your fault if you don’t think positive enough. So… let’s do it.
In the spirit of positiveness…
I take random pics of birds, the sun, clouds, even recycling… right? That’s positive.

Well… let’s back  up the story by a few hours…
As I was getting ready to leave for my surgeon appointment in Philly,  my beloved African Grey parrot, who always says I love you, every morning, is mute. However, when I approached him, he bit me and drew blood.  Miserable bird. This  was the hand already injured. Now, I added to it a parrot bite.
Okay, I am going to ignore and stay positive, damn it.

Back to Philly.

I take random beautiful pics as I walk to my appointment. I think they are beautiful, it’s a matter of opinion.
I feel peaceful, at home, even as the pain in my wrist is more and more bothersome.
Oh… who do I see coming out of a coffee shop? My old, good friend, Sandy D. Our kids grew up together, we had been friends for almost 30 years.
We hug and stand in the middle of the sidewalk and chat… so much to catch up with… in the middle of a sentence I feel something stung my right hand. Same hand, the problem hand.

Auch…. I feel pain. I look at my right hand as the bee sting gets redder and redder.
Given the level of pain I bear daily, this pain is a joke.
A bee just stung me, I  announced to  Sandy in a flat voice.
She looked at me confused…
Just now?
Yep, I confirmed.

I could not even get upset. I smiled in an idiotic way.
We hugged good bye.
I continue to walk to my hand surgeon appointment.
On the way I stop and had breakfast at I Hop.
What the hack. I used my left hand.
I arrived  at Rothman Institute early.
I like my doctor but I know I am a difficult patient. Translation, I know too much…
Anyway, surgery is scheduled for October 9th.
This is the end of August.

What are the chances that your parrot bites you, a bee stings you, as you go to schedule hand surgery for the same infamous hand?

If you read this in a book, you’d probably think it was in poor taste.
Well, guess what?
Real life is in poor taste.

So bad it’s funny. Let’s give thanks for our sense of humor.http://www.thenudetruth.com


Max bite



Bee sting


The initial problem which needs surgery


Random pics from Philly. The Positive side…


Nothing like the sun




Random beauty


Middletown train station, waiting for the fateful train to Philly.

Good news…
Tomorrow is September 1st. Let’s stay positive.

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